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This claim is bogus and not endorsed by timecop himself. GNAA "additions" to the code of this software is often buggy, and it's questionable if anyone outside or even within the group uses the software. I encourage SilentCrs to, you know, try to troll, as opposed to coming up with complete dogshit. Example quotes:. Does anyone have the screenshots and the new version, and can say whether they're fake? At times, the "leaders" will test entrants with whatever means they see fit. Do not edit the contents of this page.

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Basically they're crap.

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The scene in 'Minority Report', Stephen Speilberg's blockbuster testament to flame grilling of round protein discs, was based in part on Von Trier's treatment of the script at its early stages of production. In reverse chronological order, PAC to do it myself, though. Even if it were, that is peripheral and not particularly relevant to the entry.

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They're not notable for their sig, and the article isn't a GNAA recruitment advertorial.

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