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Artie, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, and Santana. But then his mind would drift further south, to how Hummel wasn't a girl, and how weird it had been to feel a cock in his hand that wasn't his own, and the way Hummel's mouth had been open a little as he slept, and Finn was wondering what it might be like to kiss that mouth, to press his tongue past those pink lips and ohgodmailmanmailmanmailman! Kurt stands in front of the class for his song, which he dedicates to all the males of the club for focusing on the similarities they have versus the differences. It was written for the Kurt Big Bang and is dedicated to scottishwillow for the inspirational comment that started it all. In Balladwhen Mr. Kurt is giving the guys not so great ideas for their mashup number and when Puck suggests he goes to Dalton and 'makes himself useful' Finn doesn't protest or say anything. That was how things were going to go, and they were going to go just fine.

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Kurt turned out to be correct, but his refusal to even consider the possibility that Blaine or anyone else can be genuinely bisexual was very ignorant and out-of-character.

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Kitty-Brittany Relationship. Tina-Rachel Relationship. Cooter-Sue Relationship.

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Finn never thinks.

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